Reproductive Medicine

IMG_0109-AWe offer a wide range of reproductive services for our clients with an interest in breeding. Some breeds, such as the English Bulldog, require a tremendous amount of planning and veterinary assistance to produce a litter of puppies and we are here to help. Our veterinarians offer progesterone assays to help accurately establish the day a dog will ovulate and therefore the optimal day to breed. We routinely perform artificial insemination using fresh and chilled semen allowing a breeder to potentially utilize any number of dogs in the country for breeding. Though technically more difficult, we also perform surgical insemination using frozen semen. For the owner of a male dog, we can collect and ship semen using extenders which help keep the sperm alive until arrival at their destination. Sperm evaluation including observations on numbers of sperm and their overall motility can help determine if a male dog is capable of being used for breeding purposes. We can also collect semen to be frozen in liquid nitrogen tanks and maintained in a semen holding facility for years so that it can be used at a later date. Abdominal ultrasound is utilized in our hospital for the earliest confirmation of pregnancy. Cesarean section is often needed, both as a planned event and on an emergency basis, and is commonly performed by our veterinary staff. For those accidental breeding situations, we have the ability to end an unwanted pregnancy with an injectable hormone protocol. Dogs can have numerous underlying medical problems that prevent successful breeding, and our veterinarians are trained to help discover and address those conditions that might be interfering with a mating pair’s ability to ultimately produce puppies. Give us a call or schedule an appointment today if you are in need of any reproductive assistance for your dog!

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